F.A.Q. & Our Distinctive Competence

Our Distinctive Competence

Uniquely We Offer

Personal Creative Concierge With BunnyBoxDesign Package

Once you are a client of BunnyBoxDesign we are only a post/email away. You will know our personal concierges by their first name soon enough.

Cancel Anytime Policy

No awkwardness ever. Life happens; we get it.

Simply login to your account and cancel at any time. Your subscription will not renew. You will have access to request your remaining images until that date.

Please Note: Our "Try-Us-Out" Starter Package does not renew.


We Have Been Where You Are

19 Years in Online Marketing, Coding, Ecommerce, Social Media and migrating businesses online. Our parent company has launched thousands of small businesses.
Our founder started coding and developing pre-Google's existence. Years later, the needs of online companies has developed some similarities.  As an established agency, we have a huge network of vetted professional talent in-house.
We understand your needs. Consistently, every brand needs professional graphically designed imagery and often! 

BunnyBoxDesign is a no-hassle approach to obtaining professional imagery fast and easy! 

Our Experience

Certified Software Partners with Bing/Yahoo, Google, Adobe. We get a little nerdy here!


Download Multiple Final Image File Types

Download final images in .PDF, .JPEG and .PNG formats right away. These are ideal for a series of images, social media post, ads and more.
(Adobe native files are not always needed for all projects but can be provided when new image request is initiated.)


How Fast Is Fast?

Press Play with us! Average [1] business day turnaround for 1st draft of your images. All images are completed within 7 business days. Unlimited revisions up to day [7].

Kickstarting Our Startup Goals

Our goals follow the H.E.O. experience design model of success. We are self-funded (gasp) but will always entertain additional inquires from investors. We are a team. 6 Months from launch date   = $100,000 Aggregated Revenue.

In-house Employee Training

Our professional talent is discovered (or referred to us) already with large portfolios. Additionally, we train all of our employees in-house. All talent is hand picked by our founder for their portfolio talents, professional experience and die-hard love of telling stories through imagery. They are the designers because they have passion for imagery and graphics.

The concept of "design" is an ever evolving animal. Hence, we bring in a trend and education factor to keep our talent fresh and inspired! Inspiration is key to our success!

No Nonsense

A key foundation point of our company culture is "Be a smart straight-talker". Help the client with all questions including ones not directly related to graphics and well-designed imagery to the best of our knowledge.

  • Our creative concierges are educated and are encouraged to assist you.
  • Be the best pro-active solution provider you can be.
  • Be kind and speak from an educated perspective.
  • Our founder is the nicest New Yorker living in Scottsdale you will ever meet.

Take 7-days To Be Completed Satisfied!

Unlimited revisions up to the 7th day when the image is finalized. Our 1st drafts are delivered on average in under 24 hours. Boss out of town? Take 7-days to sign off on the final image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfecting Our H.E.O.™ User-Experience and Interaction is what our company culture is based on.
You have questions: We have answers! We strive daily to perfect our user experience, software and business processes so we are continually growing based on your comments, concerns and questions.


How do I manage my account and request a new image?

You can manage your account at your dashboard. Please login first!

You can also request new images from your Dashboard as well. Please login first!

Still can't access this page? Most likely there is a billing issue related to your account. You can view your billing details here to confirm. All of our membership plans renew monthly, quarterly or on the 6-month mark.

If you purchased the "Try-Us-Out" Starter Package it will not auto-renew after 30 days and you will have choose a plan monthly, quarterly or on the 6-month to continue using Bunny Boz Designs services.

What do I need to get started?

Real Simple. Choose a monthly, quarterly, or 6-month plan with BunnyBoxDesign.com that fits your needs. You will receive a login and access to place your first order for your first image.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients are vast! Unlike some businesses, specializing in one particular field all brands need visual graphic imagery to match their story and process. Our Image Concierges ask a lot of questions. About 10 mins. worth. We want to fully understand your needs so the imagery matches your goals and the story you are trying to covey.

  • Students
  • Paid Advertising Banners
  • Thought-Leaders
  • Presenters
  • Lawyers
  • Startup Founders
  • Education
  • Sales Literature
  • Webinar
  • Web developers - building for apps, mobile and sites
  • Agencies
  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Authors
  • Online Training Courses
  • Foodies
  • Restaurants
  • Chefs
  • Small Business
  • Government - Political
  • Community - Chambers
  • Event Planners
  • Social Media Mavens
  • Gated Real Estate Communities
  • Executive - Investors
  • Charity - Non-Profit
What type of imagery do you provide?

We Offer Just About every type of imagery found in social media, Keynote Presentations and anywhere on the web. Also, we offer custom sized images.

What is Coming Soon?

  • Indesign options.
  • Youtube Video ads. Currently, we don't engage in either but are eager  to incorporate them.

Our Sister Sites:

Our Founder launched BlueBlazingMedia 8 years ago. It quickly became a national digital strategy firm. It still works with enterprise clients with huge brand strategy needs. During its evolution, Elizabeth was able to create an agile launch strategy that sustains beyond past the first couple years when typically most startup fail. H.E.O. ™ is a user experience strategy has proved to improve company culture and the customer's experience.

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